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Ancient guidance for your every day life.

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Are you at a crossroads?

Vedic astrology reading can help you gain clarity as you move forward in your life. During your reading you will gain insight into your unique personality and receive the guidance you need to move forward with confidence.

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Gain Clarity on Your Journey

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Plan Life Changes

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Discover Insight on Your Unique Personality

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Resolve Confusion

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Move on from your Past

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Feel Confident Navigating Life Choices

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"I am deeply grateful and much appreciative of Michael's work analysing my Vedic astrology (Jyotish) chart. Not only was he able to read my chart well, he was precise in explaining how planets and houses express themselves in good times and bad. In particular explaining the influence of planets across time and how to mitigate against obstacles. The puja (ceremony) he recommended brought back harmony and balance within myself. This is truly a blessing Michael. " 

 - Tanya Marquardt

 Dark Corner NSW AU

The unborn Lord, the Divine has many incarnations. Ishvara has incarnated as the light of the planets and the stars, to bestow on the living beings the results of their  karmas. Ishvara has assumed the auspicious forms of the planets to destroy dark forces and sustain Divine beings.  

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Meet Michael

Michael approaches the Jyotish tradition as an embodied  devotional practice of great beauty, revelation and mystery, encoded as the language and science of Light. 

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Dive Deeper

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Like the stars over the dark fields love is a gift of the eternal
forces. We do not know why it appears; it is just the song the universe
sings to itself. And like other beauties, it is a demanding guest. As
soon as love arrives we have to serve it, we were naked and now we must put clothes on and work.

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