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About Michael

In 2015 I spent some weeks in retreat during the Karthigai Deepam, the Festival of Light, which occurs with the November full moon in Southern India. This marked a deeper alignment to the Vedic tradition that I have practiced within for many years. Through the Divine Mother's grace, the mystery and beauty of the Jyotish tradition called to me. 


This ancient tradition of Vedic astrology, is known as Jyotish, the science of Light. I approach Jyotish as an embodied devotional practice of great beauty, revelation and mystery. An expression of Divine intelligence and grace in the world, encoded as the language and science of Light.

On this extraordinary journey I have been patiently held by a lineage of teachers. This ancient knowledge has been  passed down from teacher to student in a tradition that has flowed through the past five milleniums.

 I  bow to the feet of Krishna Mantri, Hart deFouw, and Penny Farrow, who continue to shape and deepen my  relationship to this celestial Light. I am so full of awe and gratitude to continue my study with Penny Farrow and sangha. 

I also acknowledge the inspiring sampradaya of the Western Baul tradition, and the continuing presence, blessings and light of Lee Lozowick and Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the beggar saint of Tiruvannamalai.


My home is in the upper Blue Mountains of NSW Australia, surrounded by world heritage national park.

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Image by Saiesh Ganji

What is Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)?

At the moment of birth the 5000-year old tradition of Vedic astrology known traditionally as Jyotish, the science of light asserts that ones karmas are encoded and transmitted through the light of the celestial bodies. A Jyotish reading interprets this light to offer deep insights into the journey of embodied life revealing an extraordinary view of the challenges and mysteries of existence.


If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself within the world, within time, under the stars, schedule a reading with Michael today.


The heavenly pattern present at the moment of birth indicates a unique trajectory for a person’s life and can assist in the development and application of the inner light of knowledge and discernment.


 A Vedic Astrology reading will provide an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, answering your questions, and offering guidance that will help you navigate your life. 

About Jyotish
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