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April Full Moon 2021

The full moon of April occurs in the sideral constellation of Libra and the lunar nakshatra of Svati.AEST 27/04 1331, GMT 27/04 2131, MDT 26/04 0431.

This is a full moon the deity Vayu, the God of the winds whispers to us. Svati is represented as a symbol of a young sapling blowing in the wind representing vulnerability, restlessness and anxiety. The chandra lagna Lord Venus sits in the seventh house of relationship and partnerships, suggesting a sapling growing, reaching out from an overwhelming sense of isolation. Svati calls for healing and purification due to nervous system damage, from the impacts of destabilised Prana, the vital breath ungrounded in the body. With Saturn and four other planets aspecting this isolated full Moon, there is much to process in the heartmind. Go gently dear astropeeps.

Vayu carries our breath, our life force through which spirit and matter dance. In the mercantile sign of Libra under the April full moon we trade our longings and fears for the boundless bliss of devotion. This moon invites us to shed our skin, yet remain deeply rooted and grounded, embodied in the mystery and beauty of our lives.

The full moon falls upon Hanuman’s birthday, known as the Son of the Wind deity Vayu. Hanuman, the monkey God of the Ramayana, is the living embodiment of compassion, service, surrender. Air is life. Hanuman is called the Pranadeva, of the God of Breath. Hanuman was blessed by the Goddess Sarasvati, so was the first to sing songs of adoration and praise to Rama. This moon is a special time to make offerings to the Sarasvati, mother matrix of creative flow, music, learning and language.

Recently a young man in Russia presented to his doctor with a pain in his chest. Investigations revealed what looked like a large tumour in his chest. Following surgery, within young Artyoms chest a 5 cm fir tree was growing. The light and energy of this seed inhaled from the dust had taken root and this great tree was taking over the organism.

Will the seed that is nurtured and watered in your heart become a tree bearing fruit?

Will this seedling be ever offered water, sanctuary, love and devotion?

Will this tree transform you? The Sun is debilitated at 10 degrees Libra so the sapling may need the support and strength of others.

As the light and prana of our attention grows, this tree of Love breaks though to serve the Divine.

I bow to the Son of the Wind

Whose strength is incomparable,

Whose body has a golden sheen,

Like the colour of the Sun,

Foremost of the wise,

Filled with all noble qualities,

Greatest among simians,

The beloved devotee of Rama

~. Sri Hanumath Strotam

Jai Hanuman !

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