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April New Moon 2021

The New Moon of April occurs in the sidereal constellation of Pisces and the lunar constellation of Revati. AEST 12/04 1230pm, MDT 11/04 830pm, GMT 12/04 330am

During this dark moon there is a gandanta crossing from a water to fire sign, so a word of warning for those with sensitised moons as this brings an intense crossing point of emotional pain, which will last for ten hours as the amavasya moon moves into Aries, heralding a birthing into the nourishing light of Revati, the Star of Compassion.

In the Vedic tradition a tirtha is a Sanskrit term for a crossing over place. Tirtha refers to a stream or a body of water. It is a place of transition evoking sacred space. A place of pilgrimage where the veil between the worlds is thin, a place where we might see through the worlds, where mystery, the naked wild radiance and beauty of life takes hold of us, where there is possibility of transcendence. The space of a tirtha could be a church, a temple, an ashram, a yoga studio, a garden, an airport, a hospital, a mountain, a beach, or yes dear astropeeps, even these final hours we we travel from Pisces into Aries. It is here on these sacred frontiers we are broken down, reconfigured, remade, and in doing so become transparent to the light of Divine blessings pouring into our lives.

The gandanta period occurring during this new moon, described as a spiritual knot unravels us for amoment, with Venus and Sun also crossing over. How sweet it is , at the end of the zodiacal constellations, in the waters of Pisces, we are held by the Deity Pushan. We enter a new cycle of time and energy, with the Sun moving into exaltation in Aries two days later.

It is here time begins in the celestial world. With Jupiter's movement this week into Aquarius away from its sign of debility and weakness, the wheels of the cosmos feel to be in motion again. But before our world changes, Pushan asks us to rest for a moment in the Piscean waters of restoration and recovery. How few of us have truly acknowledged what we have been through the past year?

The beautiful deity of the nakshatra Revati, Pushan , the Lord of Wayfarers extends protection safety and sanctuary to us weary travellers as we cross over into a new world. It feels so perfectly in alignment again, the Vedic Gods pour their blessings into this tirtha, this crossing over point of the April new moon to offer us blessings on the way ahead.

“How wide does the crack in heaven have to split?

What would people have to look like if we could see them as they are, soaked in honey, stung and swollen, reckless, pinned against time.”

.... from "If you knew" Ellen Bass in The Human Line.

Under the burden

of solitude.

Under the burden

of dissatisfaction

The weight, the weight

We carry.

Is love.

Yes, Yes

Thats what I wanted

I always wanted.

I always wanted

to return to the body

where I was born.

“Song” Alan Ginsburg. 1954

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