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August Full Moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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The August full Moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Capricorn under the Vedic star of Sravana. AEST Aug 4 0158, MDT Aug 3 0958, GMT Aug 3 1658

While still influenced by the July New moon, the full moon of August in the constellation of Capricorn suggests emotions are constrained by the limitations imposed upon us by the Moon’s placement with Saturn. The full moon sits beside Saturn in the same house, creating a powerful moment of tension and restriction. The moment of opening and freedom we longed for has been closed down by natural world demanding we listen, we bring attention to what is near. There are no planets in the chart of this purnima moon in the central houses, indicating a lack of shakti, or vital energy, so for now we feel almost immobilised by this moment, a wave of corona, instability and fear that is breaking down our world, transforming all before it. For now we are asked to listen, to align with the Divine.

Yet as we have discovered sweet astro -peeps the Vedic Gods are very much alive and at work behind the Light of the apparent world. Jyotish affords us deep insights into the Divine intelligence unfolding through the dancing light of the Moon. Vishnu a major Vedic deity appears during each cycle of time as a avatara to re-establish the dharma. Vishnu has appeared through history in familiar forms such as Rama, Buddha, Krishna. The current form of Vishnu’s presence in the world is Aditya Vamana, a Sun deity whose light appears as a halo in the sky. It is Vishnu who encodes the cosmic law with his footprints.

The full moon in the Lunar mansion of Sravana is symbolised by the ear, denoting receptivity and listening, Divine revelation through sound. Vishnu is the Deity activated in this nakshatra. This is an auspicious time for mantra, for devotional song, for listening to sacred teachings, for opening to the sanctity of sound through music. The smallest bone in the body is the cochlea, placed in the ear and shaped like a conch shell, like Vishnu’s Puranic symbol.

Listen. Listen to music, listen to teachings, listen to find balance in these days of intensity and storm, listen and return to learning and hearing the sacred texts. Listen to the Light of the Moon.

“Keep your gaze steady” Morley featuring Ehren Hanson 2012

Keep your gaze steady my love

Yours are the eyes that have seen God.

Keep your gaze steady my love

Yours are the eyes that have seen God.

Fire to the left

Water to the right

On your sacred journey

Steady Steady Your eyes

My love

God is love.

God is sound.

God is music.

Always Found

IN my heart, where I feel

Love for you

Then Love for me

Steady Steady your eyes

Keep your gaze steady

God is love.

God is sound.

God is music.

Always Found.

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