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August Full Moon 2021

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The August Full Moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Aquarius within the lunar mansion called Dhanistha. AEST 22/08 1001pm EDT , EDT 0601am, GMT 1301pm .

At its peak the full moon is less than 3 degrees away from a powerful and luminous Jupiter, showering light and blessings upon this autumnal eve. Be sure, dear astropeeps to bathe in the radiant light of this powerful Purnima moon.

Dhanistha is known as the Star of Symphony represented by a dhamaru, the small drum that symbolises Shiva’s dance of creation. This is a time to howl, to sing, to chant, to offer mantra to the moon. To enter into the heartbeat of the universe, which the drum’s rhythmic pulse represents. Themes of prosperity, patronage, material gain and abundance are prominent with this Nakshatra often represented by a diamond. Like the shape of mridanga, the South Indian drum, expressing the heartbeat of the universe. The mridanga is an instrument dating back to the Vedic period, has two ventricles, and like a heartbeat is said to be the instrument that Ganesh and Nadi played during the tandava dance, dancing the world into being.

The Deities of the nakshatra are named the Vasus, eight deities associated with terrestrial support, including the four elements deified, Water, earth wind fire, and the pole star, the Sun the Moon and the stars. With the moon in Aquarius its a good time to be celebrating our community, our friendships and connections. This is a full moon that promises support and connection.

Saturns rulership is a reminder of the intense suffering, grief and trauma being enacted through extended lockdowns around the world. That through Devi Delta Ma's grace, the richness of relational healing is at the heart of being human.

"These songs of freedom are all I ever had."

Remember when our songs were just like prayers.

like gospel hymns that you called in the air.

come down

come down sweet reverence,

unto my simple house and ring…

and ring.

ring like silver, ring like gold

ring out those ghosts on the ohio

ring like clear day wedding bells

now i’ve been crazy couldn’t you tell

i threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell

the moon was just a sliver back then

and i ached for my heart like some tin man

when it came

oh it beat and it boiled and it rang…

it’s ringing

ring like crazy, ring like hell

turn me back into that wild haired gale

ring like silver, ring like gold

turn these diamonds straight back into coal.

~The Stable Song (excerpts) music by Gregory Alan Isakov

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