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August New Moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The August New Moon occurs on the 19th August 2020 at 12:41pm AEST, 18/9 20:412 MDT in the sidereal constelllation of Leo under the Vedic star of Magha.

The light of the moon is reborn with this amavasya new moon configuring the energy of the month ahead. At this time until the end of August are significant Mars, Sun and Mercury gandanta transits. Unusually three planets are moving across the boundaries from water to fire signs. Gandanta means the knot of the end. Gandanta transits occur where planets move from lunar to solar constellations. These reveal deep karmic knots that may unravel in this moment, that relate to our way of being in the world, and will bring up much intensity depending on indivdual house placement in the chart.

This introspective new moon reveals a strong, stable and blessed sky pattern, with four planets in dignity, and Lords of each of the dharmasthanas in their their own houses. This confirms the new moon represents a powerful alignment to Truth, as we are being held and ushered into a month of sanctuary and blessing. Dear astropeeps, after so much suffering, this month ahead, especially once Mars moves out of gandanta on 31st August, dancing under the light of the moon promises to be awesome.

The sky pattern on September 9th has occured very rarely over past centuries, where astro- speaking every planet has strength (is in its own sign or exalted) Venus is in a parivartana yoga where it exchanges with the Moon. This is a very auspicious day to start something new. In your work, relationship, creativity business dealings … anything that you are seeking blessings upon. Celestial grace will be radiant on this day.

The new moon occurs in the lunar mansion of Magha, represented by a royal throneroom and the presence of our ancestors under the luminous star of Regulus known as the “little King” . The royal planets of Sun and Mars both in dharma houses will thrive this month , and are stregthened even further by a powerful Jupiter. The residing deity in  of Magha are the Pithris, the ancestors, whose presence in the past configures the present. So we have the majesty and blessings of our ancestors upon us.  We are being held. All things are shining. Use the edge and quietness of this moon to acknowledge family, home and beloveds we share this mysterious journey with.

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