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December Full Moon 2020

-Jyestha Solar Ecilpse Yantra Dec 2020

The December Full Moon 2020 occurs on December 30 AEST 14 28, GMT 0321. MDT 29 Dec 2028, the solar sidereal constellation of Gemini and in the lunar constellation of Ardra.

The last time Ardra danced through a purnima moon was during the first solar eclipse of the year in June, marking a season of sorrow, a time of transformation and destruction across the world. So Ardra’s presence here warns us that Rudra the storm God is not done with us, just yet.

The moon passes over Ardra’s brightest point, which amplifies its anguish, symbolized by the teardrop, ruled by Lord Shiva, in the fierce form of Rudra. Through Rudra’s shakti, there is a tearing down and restoration. Ardra emerges in these times to show us all that is most terrible, to all that is most exalted. That beyond the churning emotional intensity is an opportunity to see the Divine Light flowing in all. To build your body of light for restoration and healing in the world.

As Rudra rules lightning storms beware of nourishing your nervous system, which may be overloaded by Geminis propensity for a spinning mind. Vata disturbance continues to leak our energy and drain our prana. In the lunar chart Moon is placed in the upacaya third house of suffering. Themes of loss and overwhelming feelings are revealed through this period of the full moon. We are raw and feel broken.

Dear astropeeps, as if there hasn’t been enough tears spilt this year. And yet, and yet, through these storms of transformation, we burn through to what is Real. Through this Cold Moon, this last full moon of this epic year, there is another dawn.

Mars is moving out of its gandanta passage from Pisces and settling into Aries, activating the 11th house of community, of aspirations and wishes for the new year, where there is energy rising to rebuild our broken hearts. This hopeful placement is further blessed by the Moon moving into the auspicious and nourishing Nakshatra of Pushya for the New year.

Wishing you a happy new year.

Of joy and healing. Of Love.

I meet you there. Jai Ma

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