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December New Moon

The December New moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Taurus under the lunar Nakshatra of Jyestha. AEST 15 Dec 0316, MDT 14 Dec 0916, GMT 14 Dec. 1616.

There’s a burn and buzz alight in the astrohood this December, as we enter the zone of a powerful total Solar eclipse, 1333 UTC 14 Dec, where the light of the Sun upon the earth will be in complete shadow across the Patagonian region of South America. On a personal level impacts will depend on natal placements, yet for the world, this is considered a powerful omen, much as we saw in the US in 2017, heralding an approaching peroid of polarising intensity, fierce grace and transformation. The Light of the planets and the Shadow Planets , the chaya grahas Rahu and Ketu, continues to shape our world, our heartminds, our lives.

There are powerful celestial energies coverging over this eclipse through to the end of the month. This is likely to cataylse significant upheaval in the world, and personal transformation over the coming months. Following the new moon, and solar eclipse is the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21 occuring on solstice day.

This spectacular celestial event merges the light of these mighty planets being the closest in degrees (0.1 degree apart) since 1623 and the closest observable to our world since 1226. It has been eight centuries since we have last seen this. Events in the world into the new year will be activated by the Kala Sarpa Yoga, and Sun and Mars moving in Gandanta from water to fire signs on Dec 21, acting as triggers for intense change in the world.

So how to metabolise all this? Go slow, lay low. With our minds spinning with all the stress and heartbreak of this year, return into silence and prayer, and if emotion overwhelms, to a deeper embodiment. Move the body, fall at the feet of the Beloved with sweat on your brow.

The new moon occurs in the lunar mansion of Jyestha, in the heart of the Scorpion , the most profoundly psychic of Nakshatras, ruled by the King of the Gods, Indra. The star of protection, Jyestha confers the power to surmount overwhelming odds. Indra's presence here at this moment, like the round talisman he wears, is invoking grace and the intervention of Divine forces into the world.

For those astropeeps in the Western world celebrating Christmas season, in which we acknowledge the birth of the Divine within the hearts of humanity, may this time of sanctuary, rest and recovery bring you peace. May our communities be well during this dark night of the pandemic. Sending love and light to you.

May you find a kinder sea.

How lovely!

Through the torn paper screen,

The Milky Way.


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