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February Full Moon

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Birthday, by Marc Chagall 1915

The Full Moon of February rises in the sidereal constellation of Leo and the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni. AEST 27/02 1917 MDT 27/02 0117 GMT 27/02 0817.

This soft and sweet full moon, offers a gentle transition into Spring in the northern hemisphere, and Autumn in the south, focusing its energy upon the blessings of the relational world.

The deity ruling this star is from the venerable solar lineage described in the Vedas as the Adityas, is named Bhaga a Divine blessing force who embraces and sanctifies the transcendent adoration of relationships, adding affection, pleasure and love. Shiva’s symbolism as the lingam, as creative potential manifest, expresses as the ecstatic dance of the universe. The symbolism of this star is a marriage bed. Bhaga is the bliss bestower, whose shakti bestows upon lovers the realisation of their one timeless love. Their eternal oneheart.

The Solar lineage of the Adityas promises us the possibility of maturity, of growing up into the highest expression of ourselves. The highest expression of embodied love that we honour through the labyrinthine journey of relationship.

The fabfebfull moon here reflects the expressive constellation of Leo, highlighting gifts of creativity and extravagant displays. This moon is promoting creative expression, love, and the fruits of friendship. It’s a generous and calming moon that supports removing all that obstructs the light of Love in our lives. Removing inflammation, inertia, entropy by expressing intentions, and seeing with clarity how Love is calling us. Love’s call has resounded in radically reshaped forms over the past year. In surprising ways, dear astropeeps, the February full moon is a reminder of our fundamental connection to each other. We are all, afterall, relational beings.

Considering honouring or worshipping one’s ishtadevata, teacher, partner, or companions through this period. Purva Phalguni is a beautiful expression of the Light that binds us.

So feel the love of this gorgeous moon spooning under the silver light.

Jump to your feet, wave your fists,

Threaten and warn the whole universe

That your heart can no longer live

Without real Love !


I was born when all I once feared

I could love


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