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February New Moon

The Amavasya New Moon of February occurs in the centre of the stellium.

Be still my beating heart.

AEST 12/02 0605 MDT 11/02 1205pm GMT 11/02 1905.

The new moon is moving across this rare celestial gathering of six planets (seven if we include Pluto) in the sidereal constellation of Capricorn, located in the lunar mansion of Dhanistha.

The pure concentration of planetary energies in the first house of the lunar chart is ruled by Saturn. Hence Saturnian themes dominate with an uncommon intensity. The slow, the deep, the dharma, structure, responsibility and organisation are all been held in the magnified light of this stellium. This Capricornia cookup, has been revealing our oh so human limitations and the necessity of a deeper alignment to our dharma as we move away from this period of the enforced limitations Saturn has imposed upon our world.

The Nakshatra of Dhanistha , whose symbol is the drum is ruled by the elemental deities of the Vasus, incorporating eight devas described in the Vishnu Puranas as water, earth, fire, the pole star, the Sun at dawn, the Moon and the stars. The stars of this prosperous nakshatra are in the shape of a diamond, much like the shape of mridanga, the south Indian drum, expressing the heartbeat of the universe. How wonderful the stellium is also diamond shaped, a sculpture of Light expressing Divine rhythym resonating across the heavens. The mridanga is an instrument dating back to the Vedic period, has two ventricles, and like a heartbeat is said to be the instrument that Ganesh and Nadi played during the tandava dance, dancing the world into being.

So here during this Amavasya moon, where a new cycle is born, is a chance to feel into the rhythms that are pulsing through our being and listen to the voice, the song of the stellium. In Australian indigenous culture this is called... singing up the country. Bringing heaven to earth, the formless into form, the music and dance of this new cycle into and through our being.

Open the window to the west,

and disappear into the air inside you. Near your breastbone there is an open flower. Drink the honey that is all around that flower.

One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind, Endlessly emanating all things One turning and burning diamond. One, one, one. Ground yourself, strip yourself down, To blind loving silence. Stay there, until you see You are gazing at the Light With its own ageless eyes.

~ Adapted from Kabir and Rumi

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