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January New Moon 2021

The January New Moon, the first of 2021 falls upon the sidereal constellation of Sagittarius in the Vedic star of Uttara Ashadha. AEST 13/01 1600 MST 12/01 2000 GMT 13/01 0500.

The two Asadha Nakshatra stars shine within the bow and arrow of the Sagittarian archer and point to victory. The lunar mansion of Uttara Asadha is associated with later victory, characterised with more intensity, determination and inner fortitude. An entourage of devas called the Vishvadeva's are Uttara Asadha’s deities, a group of ten Gods who collectively arise to defeat the asuras, or evil forces. Through collaborative effort and community these energies of the Divine amplify over the coming lunar cycle, as the Moon moves through a turbulent junction point into Capricorn. The Devas’ names translate as Goodness, Truth, Willpower, Skill, Time, Desire, Firmness, Ancestors, Brightness and Peak, all attributes of the Universal Star. Dear astropeeps, what a wonderful confirmation that beyond the apparent chaos there is a deeper transformation coming into being. A transformation constellated by community and a rising clarity, a vision held and encoded by the ancient light of Uttara Asadha. This squad of celestial Devas are arriving not a moment too soon, to support the changes enfolding us.

Notable with this new Moon is a Kala Sarpa Yoga, called the serpent of time with all planets on one side of the chart between the nodal axis of Rahu and Ketu. The head of the snake Rahu here is a positive placement activating 6th house themes of healing routines and work, with Jupiters expansive aspect connects to Venus' natural disposition of love and beauty.

Through this deep dissolution of the known, a new world is slowly forming, birthing through this new moon, this new year that has felt so sad and bereft of hope, heralded by days of disorientating darkness. The darkest moment is always before the dawn.This amavasya new moon is imprinting us with Uttara Asadhas grace. Already an afterglow, as the Light returns.

Light is mysterious. Both a wave and a particle, and therefore neither, Light is a universal constant, neither medium or content, light is strangely all pervasive. Seeing anything is not so much seeing that thing as seeing the light that falls upon and reflects from it; and its not only the light that we see; we see only the Light’s afterglow. Light itself, per se, cannot be seen. Light activates eye and consciousness after it has disappeared, its faded radiance bouncing off objects. Uncanny in these ways, light in almost all religious traditions is associated with the Divine, the Supernal, with God, with Consciousness, so much so it seems possible that Light actually is consciousness or a form of consciousness, matter a coagulation of Light, light’s grosser form. In Heaven, Nirvarna, Pure Consciousness objects with all their stubborn messiness and grossness fade away and there is only Light, sheer luminosity, in its pure state.”

Norman Fischer from an essay in “Experience” Light (silence) Word.

Because I love

There is an invisible way across the sky

Birds travel by that way, the sun and the moon

And all the stars travel that path by night. Kathleen Raine

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