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July New Moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The new moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Cancer under the Vedic star of Pushya. 20th July at 1132 MDT *18:32 GMT * 21st July 07:32 AEST

A large number of planets in dignity at the time of this New Moon suggests a period of stability and offers us a brief respite and period of calm before the rolling storm of this year continues. This new Moon is blessed with Pushya’s influence, which lifts our hearts and spirits. The new Moon reminds us to turn towards each other, and seek good company at a period where darkness from the pandemic have created such a season of sorrow.

The Moon in the constellation of Cancer signifies the Mother. The stability, nurturance, kindness, generosity, and compassion that a mother’s love brings to the world. A reminder that even though the tragedy of the Covidien era, continues to unfold with an increasing pace, we are nonetheless being held by the Divine Mother’s grace. It is through her grace we remain attuned to the relational world. Care and compassion must be offered in our community, where our collective stories unfold amidst risks and relational struggles across many domains. We are moving through a slow time, and Saturn’s aspect onto the Moon and the Sun may give rise to the feeling of frustration and limitation.

The Moon and the Sun are here in the Nakshatra of Pushya, which is regarded as one of the most auspicious Vedic stars in the astrology chart. Pushya represents the star of nourishment, both from a sacred perspective of upholding spiritual truths, and the maternal themes of nurturance, blossoming and flourishing. The July new moon asks us to return to these themes of restoration and connection at a time of isolation and disconnection. To use the current of grace, this new Moon offers and cast our light and prayers into the confusion we are struggling with through the pandemic.

Once again, the Vedic gods are in action behind the apparent reality and very much like us, are playing out their roles in the cosmos. The star of Pushya is ruled by Brhaspati, known as the priest of the Gods, who offers invocations through prayer, mantra, and fire that brings blessing and healing upon the world.

Brhaspati acts as an intermediary through ritual to bring in the grace of the divine upon us. His thunderous voice is a weapon of truth, to drive away the darkness. Stability, advocacy, and good counsel are the core features of this new Moon. Nourish yourself, pray and return to the feet of the Mother.

If you are seeking, seek Us with joy for we live in the kingdom of Joy.Do not give your heart to anything elseBut to the love of those who are pure joy.Do not stray into the neighborhood of despair there are hopes: they are real, they exist Do not go in the direction of darkness I tell you: Suns exist. Rumi. “ The Way of Passion.” by Andrew Harvey
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