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June Full Moon 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The June Full Moon occurs in the sidereal solar constellation of Sagittarius and the lunar constellation of Mula. June 25 0439 AEST, June 24 1239pm MDT, 24 June 1939pm GMT.

This full moon luminaries are emotionally charged with Moon in Mula and Sun in Ardra, opposite each other, placed in two of the most intense nakshatras in the heavens witnessing dissolution and destruction in the world.

Mula’s symbol are tied roots that reach deeply into the hidden realms of our inner life, and Ardra's smbol of the teardrop speaks to the transformative possibility of this full moon, moderated by a powerful Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Release and sorrow, stability and dissolution are configured. Mula’s deity Nirritti is known as a Goddess of calamity and destruction yet she protects and heals those experiencing suffering.

The Vat purnima festival in Northwestern India celebrates death and regeneration today whereby Indian women tie a white thread around a banyan tree seven times in honour of their husbands. In the mythological tale, Yama the god of death revives the foretold demise of Satyavan, due to the intercessions of his devoted wife Savaitri. We find ourselves in prayer at a banyan tree today, for healing of the natural world, for blessings upon our relational world, for the struggles of embodied life. May we grow the roots of a strong practice life so when we need the shakti of Nirritti we have the stability to receive her grace.

Jupiter, representing the Teacher is an extremely powerful influence upon this full moon as it is kutila or stationary, retrograde and vargottama (super strong) amplifying its benefic influence upon the Sun and its lunar mansion of Satabisha. Satabisha is a profound lunar mansion representing the 1000 physicians, symbolised by an empty circle. Satabisha is a deep healing nakshatra, aligned with deep insight and recovery through sacrifice. This reflects in progress in our struggle with Devi Corona Ma, as the covidian age continues to reshape and evolve our world and a sense of the groundlessness continues. Yet the powerful Jupiter casts its energy upon the house of relationship, its natural ninth house of dharma and the 11th house of gains and community. We are held in the blessing field of our Teachers.

Sometimes from sorrow, for no reason,

you sing. For no reason, you accept

the way of being lost, cutting loose from

all else and electing a world

where you go where you want to.

Arbitrary, sound comes, a reminder

that a steady center is holding

all else. If you listen, that sound

will tell where it is, and you

can slide your way past trouble.

Certain twisted monsters

always bar the path – but that’s when

you get going best, glad to be

lost, learning how real it is

here on the earth, again and again.

~Cutting Loose. William Stafford

Searching for you, I discovered the moon's light in my own house.

Searching for you, I found that Like are united to Like

What are these constantly changing playful forms?

There is only you, my Mother.

There is only you.


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