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June New Moon. 2020.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The New Moon occurs on June 21st, in the sidereal constellation of Gemini. With the Vedic star of Mrgasirsa, known as the searching star, occurring in extraordinary confluence with a full solar eclipse during the solstice.

MDT 6/21 1241am. GMT 7:41 am. AEST 16:41pm The full solar eclipse begins MDT 6/20 8:45pm max 21/06 12:40am. GMT 6/21 begins 03:45am max 0640am. AEST begins 21/6 12:45pm max 16:40pm.

This year it seems every month is more extraordinary than the last. We are bearing witness this June to a dramatic unfolding and healing through the Divine Light. In the northern hemisphere, the solstice is the longest day of the year, representing the fullness and presence of the euphoric light in the world. The sun in Jyotish represents the self, the soul, one’s vitality, and health. Moon in the constellation of Gemini reflects a creative and innovative intelligence, seeking a new way ahead which we see activated. These are days to raise our voices to create a new world as one heart, seeking sanctuary, healing, and peace in our world.

Mrgasirsa, represented by a deer with its hypervigilance and attention upon the hunter, in the air sign of Gemini, expresses the search and the restlessness of the inner journey we have all been on these past weeks. And yet, and yet, sweet astropeeps, this month we remain imperilled by the omen of a full solar eclipse casting darkness across the earth at a critical juncture for the world. During this ring of fire eclipse, the Moon passes between Sun and the earth. The Sun, Moon and Rahu, share the same celestial space as Mercury which is retrograde, and dignified, bringing intensity and struggle to our relational world.

Consider how energy follows attention. What are you bringing to the world in this most fragile moment? How are you expressing love in the world? Bring a soft heart to heal connections, and refine communications, which may feel strong and disturbed during this eclipse season. We all have relational minds. Now more than ever, the world needs you.

In the Vedic tradition, spiritual practices performed during an eclipse will be greatly amplified, so pray, chant, make offerings, sit in silence at the feet of the Goddess with an open heart. The solar eclipse is occurring across the solstice, representing the ongoing planetary crisis where our government and leadership remain in darkness. In the fifth hour of the solar eclipse, further instability is re-introduced as the Moon moves from the Vedic star of Mrgasirsa into the fierce star of Ardra. The moon passes over Ardra’s brightest point, which amplifies its anguish, symbolized by the teardrop, ruled by Lord Shiva, in the form of Rudra, the storm god. This star in Arabic is known as Alhena, “the brand” or المیسان Al Maisan, ‘the shining one.” Through Rudra’s shakti, there is a tearing down and restoration. Ardra emerges in these times to show us all that is most terrible, to all that is most exalted. To see the Divine Light flowing in all. To build your body of light for restoration and healing in the world.

Through these storms of transformation, we burn through to what is Real. To the love that animates our world. And a vision of community and leadership ruled by what joins us, rather than what divides us. The one turning and burning star, under which the Light of the Divine streams upon us.

At this time a powerful prayer to seek Shiva’s grace, is from the verses of the Rudram, an ancient invocation of the Vedas for healing the world of illness and disease. May you be well, May you be free, May your light shine.

Let our salutations be offered to that Rudra, Who is in fire, Who is in water, Who is in plants and trees, And who is in everything in the world. Pray and salute him, Who has the best arrows, Who has the best bow, Who is the home of medicines, That cure all the world’s diseases, And who destroys asuras. (evil forces) We salute that Rudra, For making our minds pure. This my hand is my God, This is higher than God to me, This is the medicine for all sickness to me. For this touches Shiva and worships him. Om, my salutations to God, Who is everywhere, And to the Rudra Let not death come near me. You Rudra who lives in the junction of the soul and senses, I pray to you who destroy everything, to be within me, And due to that be satisfied, With the food that I take as offering. Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi Let there be peace, Let there be peace, Let there be peace. Chapter Five – fourth canto Krishna Yajur Veda. 1200BC

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