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March Full moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Of love, celestial spooning & the arts.

In honor of the Full Moon of March 2020, which falls under the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni, in the sidereal constellation of Leo. Celebrating love, passion & creative expression. 9th March 2020 * MST 1147am * GMT 1747 * IST 2317 * AEST 10/3 0447

Surya ,the Sun, marries his daughter to Soma, the moon. They face each other across a sandalwood fire. They are molten in their love. Tying shawls together, they lead each other seven times around the fire, with words from the ancient Wedding Sukta of the Rig Veda:

“with these seven steps, you have become my friend. May I deserve your friendship. May my friendship make me one with you. May your friendship make you one with me. ” Then they take a spoonful of honey and feed each other so that they only ever speak sweet words to each other.

The deity ruling this star is from the venerable solar lineage of the Adityas, Bhaga, a Divine blessing force who brings good fortune, prosperity, love, passion, and pleasure. Shivas symbolism as the lingam, as creative potential manifest, expresses as the ecstatic dance of the universe. The symbolism of this star is a marriage bed. Bhaga is the bliss bestower, whose shakti brings the lovers into the realization of their one timeless love. Their eternal oneheart. The Solar lineage of the Adityas promises us the possibility of maturity, of growing up into the highest expression of ourselves. The highest expression of love that we honor through relationship.

This moon is way more auspicious than Valentine’s Day biz astropeeps. This is the Vedic celestial wedding event of the Yuga. The moon here reflects the expressive constellation of Leo, highlighting gifts of creativity and extravagant displays. This moon is promoting creative expression, love, and the fruits of friendship. It’s a moon that supports removing all that obstructs the light of Love in our lives, removing inflammation, inertia, entropy by expressing intentions, and seeing with clarity how Love is calling us. The March full moon is a reminder we are all relational beings. Honoring or worshipping ones ishtadevata, teacher, or partner, Purva Phalguni is a beautiful expression of the Light that binds us. With Jupiter’s dignified aspect, feel the love of this gorgeous moon spooning under the silver light. The Gopis love of Krishna was a form of total love, which was maintained even in separation.

“It is possible through surrender to produce a kind of ecstasy in the body called joy. As one practices surrender to the Divine, the body becomes brighter and brighter. It is an undeniable radiance.” Lee Lozowick

A wife loves her husband, not for his own sake, dear one, but because the Divine Beloved lives in him. A husband loves his wife, not for her own sake, dear one, but because the Divine Beloved lives in her. Children are loved not for their own sake, dear one, but because the Divine Beloved lives in them… All things are loved not for their own sake, but because the Divine Beloved lives in them. The Divine Beloved must be realized. Hearing about and meditating upon the Divine Beloved, you will come to understand everything in life… As long as there is the sense of separateness, one sees another as separate from oneself… But when the Divine Beloved is realized as the indivisible unity of life, who can be seen by whom… who can be spoken to by whom, who can be thought of by whom, who can be known by whom?

-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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