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May Full Moon 2021

The May Full Moon brings us an intense supermoon, full in the sideral constellation of Scorpio expressing a blood red lunar eclipse in the lunar constellation of Arunadha. Eclipses reveal our deeper karmic entanglements, particularly for those here with planets placed around 17degrees Scorpio. This is a powerful, sweet and healing full moon. Energised by the lunar eclipse is an ideal time to heal relational and emotional wounds.

The blood moon will be fully visible across the great southern land tonight. The Moon will be full AEST 26/05 at 9:13pm, EDT 5:13am and GMT 12:13pm. The copper red tones upon the Moon's surface is caused by reflected light from the edges of the Earth's atmosphere. The air molecules from Earth's atmosphere scatter out blue light at six times the rate of wavelengths of red light. This blood moon occurs only during a total lunar eclipse when the only light that reaches the moon’s surface is reflected light from the earth, which casts a copper glow across the moon’s surface.

Venus is strong in the seventh house , with the Full moon’s Light activating healing and change in our relational life. So dear astropeeps a celestial reboot of Light is the bigger picture, where the shadowlands of our hearts are offered healing. As a Scorpio chart its influence is cast upon the natural eight house of transformation here features a very strong expressive Mercury and Mars. A super strong Saturn is now kutilia, or stationary over the next week, amplifying its power, asserting its need for structure, discipline and surrender in the third and fourth houses of creative intelligence, communication, home and happiness.

The Moon's presence in the lunar mansion of Anuradha, symbolised by an archway covered in flowers, represents friendship and staying in integrity with one’s word. The Deity Mitra, the Vedic God of friendship reminds us we are never alone, and on this great journey through the stars, we are indeed walking each other home.

In the Vedic tradition it is customary to avoid looking directly at an eclipse and remain indoors to practice where the benefits of sadhana, mantra, meditation or homa are greatly multiplied.

May this May Full Moon bring you blessing healing and happiness.

There is

The rising up

From light’s embrace

You can see in a summer field or

In a child’s dancing.

Every city is a dulcimer

That plays it’s chorus against

Our ears.

The lid of a pot starts jumping

When water gets ecstatic from fire.

If I ever don’t complete a sentence

While we are together

Accept my apologies and try to understand

This sweet drunk thought.

Birds initially had no desire to fly,

What really happened was this:

God once sat close to them

playing Music.

When He left

They missed him so much

Their great longing sprouted wings,

Needing to search the Sky.

Nothing evolves us like


~ Hafiz

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