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May New Moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The May New Moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Taurus in the lunar mansion of Krittika. *MST 5/23 1138am * EDT 5/23 0138pm * GMT 5/22 638pm * AEST 23/5 0338am

This May New Moon is dominated by a powerful Venus that is both in its own sign and retrograde, indicating brightness and strength. The four planets here in this one earth-based constellation of Taurus, represent home and sanctuary with an emphasis on the Venusian pursuits associated with home. The karla sarpa yoga, the serpent of time continues to divide the heavens, which has configured the shape of the coronavirus pandemic the past two months. With Jupiter aspecting upon the exalted Moon in Taurus, the qualities of nurturance, mothering, innovation, and creativity are heightened.

Indeed with Venus in the searching star of Mrigashirsa, there is an invitation to explore the vast expanses of your world, even if you remain at home. So beloved astropeeps, go far and explore the sacred mysteries of your kitchen, the hidden secrets of your bookshelf, the wondrous joys of your linen cupboard, the exotic landscapes of your backyard. What glories await you. Yet hidden within this experience of sanctuary remains the potential for an authentic and profound transformation.

In amongst all the many dimensions of this domestic bliss, the new moon is in the lunar mansion of Krittika, a dynamic, fiery placement known as the star of transformation. Krittika is symbolized by sharp cutting tools, with Agni, the God of Fire, as the residing deity. The subtle energy of Agni’s brilliance is called tejas, is available this month to grow and sustain transformation. Use this brilliance through fire rituals, such as agnihotra, which is a potentized method for Agni to carry our prayers and offerings to the Divine. Consider heating the body to metabolize emotion through exercise. Invoke this period for digestion of what you need to bring into being, into the new world.

The May New Moon meets us emerging from months of isolation, with gifts of transformation and incandescence, promoting profound spiritual growth.

The Scent of Light. by Hafiz Like a great starving beast My body is quivering Fixed On the scent Of Light.

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