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October Full Moon

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Image Kali by Nathan Riddington

Within the Light there is darkness, but do not be attached to this darkness. Within the darkness there is light, but do not look for that light.” The Sandokai- Sekito Kisen

The October full moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Aries in the lunar nakshatra of Bharani. AEST 1 Nov 0149 MDT 31 Oct 0849. GMT 31 Oct 1449.

The Sun is debilitated in Libra across from this full Moon. This full Moon occurs on its elliptical orbit while it is furthest from the light of the Sun, called the apogee, also known as the Black Moon. With this position of the Moon and its symbolic reference of distance from the Light of the Divine, the energy of this Moon refers to shadow, negative tendencies of the mind, our hidden depths. This Moon is 30% less illumined than usual. A micro full Moon.

With the dance of Devi Corona Ma, and so much struggle playing out in the world, the Black Moon at this time reflects our perceptions of Light’s absence in the world. I am reminded of the dark goddess Kali, and the Black Madonna, the female deities of wisdom traditions east and west that consume our suffering, that create the reversals, the agonies, the contrast to the dharmic order, and in doing so overthrow our delusions, offering us clarity about what Is Real, revealing the Light in the Dark, and the way ahead.

Moon in Aries describes fiery feelings. Tears, fire, and heartbreak. My teacher said, “there’s always a time to get on your knees and pray to Mother Mary.” This full Moon is with the Vedic star of Bharani, the Star of Confinement. Its symbol is the female vulva and is ruled by the God of death, Yama who in Vedic culture is regarded as the King of Dharma. Bharani invokes creativity, passion and purification. Devi Corona Ma, and Kali’s dance of destruction reveals to us our freedom. In the before times, March 2020 BC, we hardly imagined how much pain there can be in separation and confinement. Indeed the darkness and delusion that has arisen from our separation to Dharma has configured the pandemic and crisis in the natural world.

Now is the time to liberate ourselves, to find the freedom and spaciousness of being for ourselves that only discipline can create. Through the breakdown, the breakthrough can be stabilised through discipline. Through the light of Bharani and this full Moon. Her grace is molten love.


O my Beloved

What will you become

When you are through becoming me?

-Lawrence Edwards.

Kali’s Bazaar

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