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October Full Moon

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The October Full Moon shines in the sidereal constellation of Pisces, with the Vedic star of Uttara Bhadrapada. MDT 1 Oct 3:05pm, GMT 1/10 10:05pm AEST 2/10 07:05am.

This is a mysterious, intense and powerful Vedic Star that invites transformation and expresses deep spiritual energies.

The Vedas describe the dual devatas as Aja Ekapad and Ahirbudhnya, “the serpent of the deep," a Rudra ruled form of Shiva, as storm Lord and God of death and transformation. The Light of the Rudras literally pierce the darkness. This is a reference to rising spiritual energy and transformation through suffering. “UBhad is a river seeking union with the Jupiterian waters of Pisces” The light of this beautifully expansive and intuitive moon, dissolves obstacles, and generates compassion, devotion and faith.

Given the orientation of this Vedic Star is water, anticipate a heartful release and experience of cleansing after a period of tension and suffering. The smell of the earth rises, after storms pass, cleansing the atmosphere of tension and fire. Through this week Mars continues its retro passage back into Pisces and will remain especially fiery until October 5.

Of the five great elemental temples, Akilandisvari is the deity of the water temple, Jambukeswarer in Trichy, India. Sweet astropeeps, I have knelt at her feet in Her ancient temple and offered her flowers, light, and my tears. She who means never not broken. Who rides an alligator across the stormy waters. She whose love radiates as the Mother.

The Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada this full moon, is a beautifully expressive Moon, overflowing with feeling, love, affection, and spiritual light. Even accompanied by the deity Aja Ekapad, whose connection to the atmosphere is expressed with lightning and storms, thunder and earthquakes. Releasing that which is held, like a crack of lightning or a sudden storm. There is the possibility of sudden change, and elemental forces at play in early October.

Even so, just like the Mother, hold those in your world, near and far, close to your heart and feel the grace of Her Light.

“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design.” - Aurobindo.

Love, enjoyed by the ignorant

Becomes bondage

That very same Love, tasted by one with understanding, brings Liberation

Enjoy all the pleasures of Love fearlessly,

For the sake of Liberation. -Cittavisuddiprakarana

On the way to God the difficulties

Feel like being ground by a millstone, Like night coming at noon, like

Lightening through the clouds.

But don’t worry!

What must come, comes.

Face everything with Love

As your mind dissolves in God.

-Lalla. Trans: Coleman Barks

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