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September Full Moon 2021

Hilma: Group X Altarpiece, no 3 1915

The September Full moon rises full of tears and transformation.

AEST 21/09 0954. MDT 20/09 0554. GMT 21/09 1254am.

This month’s full moon rises in Pisces, in the lunar constellation of Uttara Bhadrapada, and promises a deep cleansing and dissolution of deeply held emotions and energies in the heartmind.

Dear astropeeps, U’Bhad is ruled by Saturn who is aspecting the Moon directly in the Chandra lagna, as well upon a strong Venus in the eight house of transformation. The September full moon rises full of Light to offer us healing and change in our lives.

The day following the full moon the two week period of Pitru Paksha commences in Vedic culture. This is a time where the boundaries between the worlds are thin and we honour our deceased ancestors. Who we are is largely built upon who held us, with these patterns passing through generations, in an intergenerational transmission of influence.

U’Bhad’s intensity is likened to the catharthis of storm and rain based in the watery visionary constellation of Pisces. Indeed the deity of this lunar mansion, oddly named Ahirbudhnya, translates as serpent of the deep, and is a form of Shiva, the storm god Rudra. Rudra sweeps through our being periodically to rewire and reorganise our lives, such that we remain in the deepest alignment with our personal dharma.

We are asked to shed our skins, to weep tears, to make offerings, to return to practice. To be grateful. This can take the form of grief, loss, surrender and letting go. U’Bhad offers an awareness of a deeper acceptance of these transformative forces and can herald profound change and opening in one's journey. On this tranquil night of the purnima Moon the blessings of Uttara Bhadrapada reveal love and a deep healing of our hearts.

Much like the atmosphere cleansed by the intensity of lightning and rain, the storm passes having cleansed us with rain, the healing force of water revealing the fresh smell of the earth, a rainbow of light.

Amo Ergo Sum

Descartes said, Cognito ergo sum;

I think therefore I am.

He had it all wrong, of course, he

Was as intellectual. I-Am,

Is a statement of Being.

Being is not thinking.

Love is Being.

I love therefore I Am.

To think about love

Is not love, in the same way

That thinking about fire

Will neither cook your food, nor

warm you on a winter night. Love is fire: it brings heat and Light.

~Redhawk. Self Remembering 2015:188

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