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September New Moon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The September New Moon occurs in the sidereal constellation of Virgo, in the Vedic star of Uttara Phalguni on the 17th Sept AEST 2100, MDT 0500, GMT 12 pm.

This dark moon period known as the Krishna Paksha concludes the past two weeks of the Pitri Paksha, the ancestors fortnight when the presence and influence of our ancestors are said to be closest, and the veil between the worlds has been thin. The Deity of this lunar mansion is Aryaman, one of the Sun gods, known as the King of the Ancestors. He is orchestrating the next month through his energy of kindness, generosity, and compassion. He rules over marriage, ritual, family, and community.

At this new moon, there remain four planets in their own sign (Jp, Sa, Me, Ma), which offer stability to the month ahead even though there are significant celestial changes in play. Notable this month is Mars moving retrograde, which increases his strength and potential for explosive disturbances in the fire sign of Aries, significantly as it moves back into gandanta early October.

Yet here in this moment, the new moon in Virgo expresses love for order, clarity, clear space that is organized upon which the discerning mind that is creative, feminine, and refined expresses. This Nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni is symbolized by the celestial wedding and the wedding bed. This represents the blessing field of intimate relationships, and is a good time to honour and celebrate the beloveds in our life. Under the festive light of the Utatra Phalguni is a wonderful time for celebratory events. Aryaman’s motivation to alleviate suffering through kindness will potentiate the month ahead with the strength of heart to serve our loved ones and our communities through the tumultuous landscape of September.

Trust in the gift.

Think of the small as large.

Listen for the call of the times.

Let desire give birth to aspiration

When difficulties arise, see them as your dharma

Turn the wound into Light.

S. Cope. (2012) The Great Work of Your Life

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